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Stress Less Reiki Oils + Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Stress Less Reiki Oils + Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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Stress Less Rreiki Oil contains a mixture of herbs and essential oils that are used to calm the cells within the body such as Lavender, Red Rose Petals, German Chamomile and more. When using this product, not only do the herbal and essential oil constituents help to relax the body but the aromatherapy aids in relaxation.

Directions: Use a generous amount on area of stress related pain. (Best used on clean skin). Not sure how to tell the difference between stress related pain or just pain in general. No worries, we got you! External stress tends to manifest in the physical body because the cells holds onto the energy of stressful situations especially when we internalize our feelings. The common areas that tend to hold onto stress and then manifest as pain is the neck/shoulders, low back/hips, feet and hands, and the neck and temples with tension headaches and such. Apply a generous amount of Stress Less Reiki Oil to the area of stress and allow not only the aromatherapy begin melting the stress but also the herbal constituents of the oil to penetrate the skin and begin working to address the internalized stress. This penetration allows the energetic hold that the stress has on your cells to be lifted so the body can actually begin healing itself. If you find the pain is still there after the stress has been released it may be helpful to combined the No Pain Reiki Oil with the Stress Less Reiki Oil.


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