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What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki is a Japanese healing method of utilizing Universal Energy to balance the internal energy of the person seeking healing. This balance can provide a plethora or outcomes and it varies for each individual.

What I have come to notice over the many sessions I have provided, is that CLARITY is the number one common outcome people have claimed to obtain. Clarity to move in the direction they see fit for their destiny, clarity to make the decision that best fits them, and clarity to know when to sit still and listen.

To first understand how Reiki Therapy works to bring balance to one's internal energy you must first understand what your chakras or what I call, Energy Centers are. Please click on the video link below to gain an understanding of chakras/energy centers:

Understanding Your Chakras/Energy Centers

Now that you have a better understanding, when our practitioners work on your they themselves are acting as a conduit for universal energy to flow through them and into you. To be able to maintain this conduit like activity one must increase their knowledge of self-mastery. So please know that our practitioners go through training courses to be attuned to various levels of universal energy and continues to work on their self-mastery skills daily. You are in good hands!

This healing is not a fix all solution. It is a partnership between yourself and the practitioner to assist you on your healing journey. YOU & ONLY YOU are responsible for your healing journey and how far you'll allow yourself to heal.



Reiki Therapy Consultation

(In-Person & Virtual)

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Reiki Therapy Consultation - In Person

Legal Disclaimer

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