Energy Knows No Boundaries...

Energy Knows No Boundaries...


Ever wonder why you sneeze when someone is talking about you (whether good or bad)? Or when you're talking to someone about another person and then that person you were talking about suddenly calls "out of the blue?"

Well, I have a working theory! :)

Our words are vibrations, and the frequency at which our words vibrate tend to vary based on what is being said. We tend to feel those vibrations whether that person is in front of us or million miles away. No, the vibrations don't hop on an express train from one person to the next, but it sure does feel like it! Lol! What's happening, in my own opinion, is that the thoughts/intentions behind those words (the energy of those words) are part of the This intentional vibrational frequency packaged in words or even thoughts & intentions is the foundation of to speak.

When laying down either in the comfort of your own home or on the practitioner's table, the person administering Reiki Therapy is setting their intentions (which hopefully aligns with your intentions) to provide healing energy filled with love, strength, and abundance. These vibrations can be felt even much stronger when 2 or more are in one accord in thought/intentions. 

So when you book a long-distance Reiki Therapy session with Healing Hands Oasis, The positive effects of the session is far greater than when being in person because the client tends to be more comfortable in a familiar place, such as their home. This also sets a precedence of a designated space in your home to obtain inner-peace, balance, and most of all clarity.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to book a Long Distance Reiki Therapy Consultation with us:

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