Who We Are

Meet The Founder

 June Ama Nzinga White is the founder of Healing Hands Oasis (H2O) and has a B.S. & M.S. in various business degrees but the Alternative & Holistic Health industry is where her heart lies. H2O was conceived in 2009 when she injured herself working out. She had what they call, frozen shoulder. For two years, June sought out traditional medical assistance to no avail. It wasn’t until the doctors prescribed Ibuprofen for her shoulder pain, that she decided to give the holistic world a try. She found and worked with a Fascial Stretch Therapy practitioner for 12 months. Within those 12 months, June found joy in dancing again and a love for the method of healing she was receiving. June believed in the technique so much that the year of 2013 she registered to be a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.

H2O came from humble beginnings. June began working on her close friends and loved ones and doing a lot of work for free, while educating her community about Fascial Stretch Therapy. In 2015 she then became certified in Neurokinetic Therapy, a form of muscle testing that allows the practitioner to find the source of pain. It wasn’t until 2016 when the name Healing Hands Oasis was was discovered. She later discovered the art of acupressure and combined her knowledge in Trigger Point Therapy to address dysfunctions within the meridian lines of the body which are connected to our organs. 

Today, we focus on our continued success of Making A Distant Memory!


****June is currently in school to further her professional experience!****