1. What Does Healing Hands Oasis Do? Healing Hands Oasis™ (H2O) is in the business of making pain a distant memory using herbal products and bodywork services. We sell herbal salves & massage oils; provide a Total Body Corrective Therapy that release the tension in your body; and offer Reiki to balance the whole.
  2. What Is Total Body Corrective Therapy? Total Body Corrective (TBC) Therapy is a series of assisted stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), muscle testing, and pressure point therapies. These combined modalities are used to address dysfunctional pathways in the body and provide foundational support that is essential for optimal wellness.
  3. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing method of utilizing Universal Energy to balance the internal energy of the person seeking healing. This balance can provide a plethora or outcomes and it varies for each individual.
  4. Who Does TBC Therapy & Reiki Benefit? TBC Therapy and Reiki can benefit everyone. Whether you're active or not, work a desk job or run around with kids all day, TBC Therapy and Reiki help to relieve stress and pain in the body; and to minimize chronic dysfunctions.
  5. How Often Should I Book A TBC Therapy or Reiki Session? TBC Therapy: ~ 2x a month if you just need the occasional assistance in releasing tension in the body in addition to the stretching you already do on your own ~ 1x a week to increase flexibility and reduce chronic pains in addition to your weekly schedule ~ 2x week if you have serious chronic pains that won't go away with just 1 session a week and you're seeking peace of mind. For Reiki sessions: ~ 1x month if you just need a monthly check in to reset your energy and realign your mind, body, & soul ~ 2x month if you have minor plaguing negative thoughts such as doubt and stagnation that needs to be clear to help reset your energy ~ 1x week if the plaguing negative thoughts are a bit more severe and you easily lose focus of what it is you are working to accomplish need a reset more often to realign your energy.
  6. What Should I Wear To My TBC Therapy or Reiki Session? Please wear comfortable flexible clothing that you can move around in. For the TBC Therapy session you will be on a massage table and the practitioner will be stretching your body on the table. For the Reiki sessions you will be stationary on a massage table for the duration of the session. *PLEASE WEAR A MASK*
  7. How Long Is A Session? All consultations are 90 mins long regardless of which service you book. For continued services we offer 45 min & 75 min TBC Therapy Session, 60 min Initial Reiki & Follow Up Sessions.
  8. How Do I Make An Appointment? All clients are expected to have booked a consultation before booking continued services. To book any of our consultations: Total Body Corrective Therapy or In-Person/Virtual Reiki sessions please fill out the contact form at the following link: Contact Form
  9. Do You Take Insurance? Unfortunately, we are not able to take insurance.
  10. What Is Your Cancelation Policy? All sessions must be schedule with an upfront payment of %50 of Total Cost of the session to reserve your timeslot. If you need to cancel and reschedule your session, you will incur a re-booking fee of $25. Cancellations of sessions that are made within 12 hours or less will incur a higher re-booking fee at $50 if they wish to reschedule. If they wish to cancel their appointment or end up as a 'No Show' they will forfeit their 50% payment and will have to pay for another session if they choose to book again. ABSOLUTELY no refunds! Due to COVID-19, this policy will be strictly enforced. Exception can be made at the owners discretion. Please see the Refund Policy for more information.
  11. Does Healing Hands Oasis Offer Massage Therapy? That service is coming soon. Currently our TBC Therapy and Reiki services can alleviate tension, pain, and tightness in the body similar to massage therapy.