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Dream Recovery Reiki Oil

Dream Recovery Reiki Oil

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Dream Recovery Reiki Oil contains a mixture of herbs and essential oils that are used to induce sleep and recovery of dreams. Some of the herbs include: valerian root, mugwort, hops and more. When using this product, not only do the herbal and essential oil constituents help to induce sleep, but when properly setting your intentions to remember your dreams, you begin to wake up with a clearer memory of your dreams. 

Be sure to keep a dream journal next to where you sleep to record your dreams. At first they may come back in pieces before being able to remember the entire dream. Setting your intentions is key, so everyone may not have the same results.

Directions: First, set your intentions to remember your dreams. Take a few deep breaths and sit in meditation with your intentions. Next, rub a small amount of the dream recovery reiki oil on your temples and on your scalp (where your soft spot used to be as a baby). Continuously set your intentions as you rub. Last, go to bed and get some good rest!

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